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Movement  has always been my passion and I love to share this through yoga to help you gain awareness and connection with yourself to find ease and balance in the mind breath and body.

I have been teaching a wide range of group exercise classes for 25 years and worked in health and fitness industry in group exercise management and teacher training roles. I have been most inspired by my training with the unique Yoga Like Water and am now a tutor on their Teacher Training course.  In class I hope that as well as some energising fluid flowing movement I can give you the space to connect to your inner guide that can help you not just when you practise but in day to day life too.  Along with creative sequencing I like to blend in some barefoot training, natural movement and playful strength challenges too.  I am fascinated by the subtle energetic body so we will always connect and bring awareness to the intelligence of these subtler layers to help us practice with more flow, ease, lightness, strength and intuition.

When not sharing yoga I love to spend time connecting with nature, running and simply being barefoot on the beach and exploring the beautiful coastline and countryside that surrounds us.


"You have to listen to your body, going with it not against will be amazed to discover that if you are kind to your body it will respond in an incredible way"

- Vanda Scaravelli

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