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Gatherings & Retreats

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Silent Sitting - Guided Meditation


Thursday 9.30-10am

16, 23 May & 6,13 June

Online via zoom 

One of the most useful things I've done is make space for a daily meditation practice, just consistently taking a seat amidst all the waves of experience to feel into a little space and stillness.  I have found that this it turn truely ripples out into daily life, it can really help us to see things with more clarity and from a more balanced state.

Each week I will lead you in a simple guided mediation, hopefully helping you on your journey to start, or continue with, a regular practice. You can join with camera off on on, whatever works for you.  

Investment £12 for the 4 weeks

Recordings available if you can't make a session.

Yoga & The Subtle Body

Tuesday 9.30 - 10.30am

16th, 23rd & 30th April

Online via zoom

In these weekly gatherings we will be exploring the layers of the subtle energetic body.  Through this connection we can begin to deepen and enhance our yoga practice beyond the physical aesthetic of the postures, allowing the energetic body to guide the physical body.  This approach can completely transform how our practice unfolds and serves us each time by simply moving from a place of how it feels through the energy body, rather than how it looks.  When we feel into our bodies as energy, the poses shift from being static and still and start to feel like beautifully connected movements that evolve and develop from moment to moment, helping to shift and release any tension and tightness along the way.  


Across the 4 weeks we will explore the following:


* Prana - energy - our life force!

* Flow state

* The Koshas - layers of the body - physical, energy/breath, mind, wisdom, spirit/natural state

* The Pancha Vayus - the winds that move energy through the body

* Yoga flow practice & breathwork

Each week we will start with a chat, covering some useful philosophy to help with understanding, followed by a lovely embodied flow practice (approx 30 mins) to help feel it in our bodies.


It would be an absolute joy and pleasure so have you join as I simply love sharing this work.

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to book

Investment £18

Mandala & Meditation

Saturday 20th April 12 - 1pm

The Yoga Barn, Hele Bay

Investment £8

A lovely grounding gathering where we will create a nature mandala (earth altar) together followed by a meditation to simply find a little more calm and ease.


Mandala is the sanskrit word for "circle" and the centre seed is known as the "bindu", meaning drop, our own awareness.  Through creating these altars and sitting in meditation it can help us weave throuh the layers of self, gently releasing and letting go of any stress, chatter and tension to spiral back to our centre where we can feel more at ease and present.

Tea, cake and chat to finish.

To book just email

I look forward to sharing space with you.


The Art of Flow

Yoga - Meditation - Nature Mandala


next date coming soon!


Join me for a morning of yoga, like a little mini retreat!

This will be a space to immerse yourself in movement, breathwork and meditation where we will be exploring the art of finding flow through mind, breath and body.  To help us on this path the morning will include:

* Some lovely fluid embodied movement flow

* Simple calming breathwork to find ease

* Mediation to help quieten the mind and connect to calm and peace

* Collective nature mandala creation – creative flow!

* Tea & chat

Investment: £25

Spaces are limited in this beautiful studio so if you would like to book please email

I look forward to sharing space with you.




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